Questions for faculty or senior staff to describe project prior to prospect research.

This flow chart illustrates how we usually work with faculty in developing proposals.

Please fill out where applicable. Please expect a reply from our office within five business days of submitting your request.



*Phone Number:


*Project Name:


Who is the PI?

What other MIT faculty or staff are involved?

Does this have Departmental or School buy-in and approval?

Project information

Please give a summary of the project you want funded:

Please give the url of a website connected to your work:

Describe the audience you are trying to reach:

Is the project new or the continuation of an ongoing project?

How does your project fit in with MIT's core needs and priorities?

List of keywords to describe your project, to be used for prospect research:


What is the expected outcome or impact?

Goals you are trying to achieve:

Can you give a personal story to show the importance of this project?

How does this project fit into a wider context? Is there a compelling reason to undertake this project now?

How does the work of this project provide benefit to those outside of MIT?

How will you evaluate the success of the project?


What is your total budget for the project? Over how many years?

How will the indirect costs be covered (if applicable)?

Has the project received prior funding and how will it leverage other funders?

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